Ayankoko: ppooll on Max/msp

Mathieu Garrouste: electronic

A very contemporary ambient noise music akin to noise / shouting, where irritating bursts meet devastated post-industrial landscapes, in which a human hand can sometimes be felt…

Laptop and turntable improvisations inspired by digital noise, rather than analog synths, it’s not electronic music, but sounds based on an interruption.

A bandwith of a hail of information, encoded and compressed, made audible and manipulated, but very similar to the original signal, information encoded by protocols we are unable to understand, without an appropriate interface, so it’s better to play with them and feel them.


Ayankoko: Over 45 releases on the web in Spain, UK , Germany, Mexico, Russia, France, and also Ayanrecords netlabel owner, developed his art from 2004 through the internet and the use of Creative Commons and open sources. His music ranges from noise to ambient frecuencies, abstract drones, minimal beats, DIY electronica, to instrumental improvisation and/or production.

Mathieu Garrouste:After learning the saxophone at the Perpignan Conservatory, his approach now focuses on experimental and improvised music. In 2006 he settled in Paris where he is still working.Always looking for new sound materials, his self-taught process takes him to twist cassette players, turntables, pick-up mic … from their traditional use to create sound textures based on crackings, feedback, blows, no-input … He is also part of the Trashvortex electronic ensemble of witch a mini-cdr was released in 2011 by the parisian label Silicate. Since 2009 he has played in France, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia and collaborated with Ayankoko!!!, Mathieu Calléja, Laurent Pascal, Juan Matos Capote, Xavier Lopez, Bertrand Gauguet, Sébastien Branche, Hugues Vincent, Sébastien Bouhana , Fanny Lasfargues, Miguel A. García, DDJ, Richard Comte, Gerri Jäger, Laurent Rodriguez… He co-organizes with fellow electronic musician Xavier Lopez, the trashvortex concert series in Paris (EAI, Noise, Impro and Free-Jazz) since April 2010.

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